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Hi!  My name is Marsha.  I’m a “sixty something”  wife, mother, step-mother and grandmother to nine grandchildren.  I was married at age 18 and had two children by age 22.  At that time I thought that by age 40 I would have acquired all the wisdom and seasoning that I was destined to have.  Midlife, however, fell somewhat short of that ideal.  Instead, my acquisition of wisdom was focused on learning life lessons that those who married at a later age had experienced in their 20’s.  You see, my marriage ended and my life changed.

Instead of comfort and security, I was facing a whole new life-style.  I needed to reinvent the future.  After four years of practicing for my new life, I remarried.  I had a new husband and extended family, moved to a new state, got a new degree and began a new career.  I was now a mom of grown children, a step-mom to two other children and, before long, a grandmother to nine grandchildren.

Being now at that point in life where it is common to look back and reflect on  accomplishments and mistakes, I do wonder about my legacy….about the kind of impact I have made.  Although not a routine, journaling at difficult times has helped me to keep life in perspective.  It is much easier for me to express myself in writing than in spoken words.

I pray daily to make good choices, but I haven’t always made the best ones.  Although I have a few accomplishments and have made plenty of mistakes, I suspect that I am not alone in believing that I, perhaps like you, have gained some wisdom in my sixty plus years that may be worth sharing.  Perhaps the greatest impact is yet to be realized.  Maybe journaling my thoughts will inspire others to do the same.  Sharing can be insightful and cathartic.  I hope that you will Join me in creating a “sixty something” sharing community.









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